Project Background:

The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation had us design this brochure for the Early Edge Montana program. The goal of this brochure is to encourage businesses to invest in high-quality early education while educating the readers about the benefits. The project included custom design including a timeline and illustration. We categorized each section with custom color tabs and broke down each point with supporting graphics. By using a compact wire-bound size and format we are able to isolate information on one page or a spread. In the end, the concept and design were well received and the program is growing in success.

What we would have done differently:

First, it is never easy to predict the outcome of a project. The Washington Foundation brochure is no exception. While the budget was moderate, the end result was great. So there are no regrets there. In the end, the only thing we might have liked to have tried would be the binding. The wire-binding worked, but there are other options that may have led to a better presentation.