Project Background

The Valley Physical Therapy Brand was rebuilt from the ground up. After using clip art for several years, Valley PT dove in and invested in their brand. They were looking for a more consistent, more visible and friendlier look. More specifically, a better brand that spoke to the clientele of their three branches. The challenge was that each branch had a completely different demographic. So the strategy was to come up with something unique that worked for each demographic.

Success Metrics

With one of their branches at the Women’s Club in Missoula, an obvious focus would be women of all ages. The logo design was created with a feminine flair in style and color. A vibrant green and royal purple satisfied the focus group. From there we introduced a visual style and a tagline. We didn’t want to show the process like everyone else. We wanted to show the results. So the obvious images that stood out were women getting back to what they love to do. Running, hiking, skiing, biking, and kayaking rose to the top. With these new active images, we added a simple but strong tagline that supported the graphics and had a double meaning – Get There. It means Valley Physical Therapy will help you achieve your goals and get you back to what you love to do. It also means “get to Valley PT” so we can help you achieve your goals. Overall the campaign has been well received and has extended over multiple years. The office is extremely busy and wants to continue the campaign. Keep an eye out for new stuff around Missoula.


What We Would Have Done Differently

Success speaks for itself. It’s hard to argue against that success. As a creative team, we always want to push the boundaries. That is one area we wish we could do differently. Instead of playing it safe, it would have been fun to do something more unexpected, raw and maybe even controversial. Overall we’re very happy with how it turned out.

Work Produced: Logo design, tagline, website design & development, brochure, stationery, multiple outdoor billboards, event signs & banners, radio campaign.