We use three flexible pricing options to make your life easier.

1) Flat-Rate Packages

For those who like opening presents and who might have a more strict budget, flat-rate packages offer a predefined process and guaranteed final price. Call for a list of existing packages or to build a custom package.

2) Retainer

No. It’s not what you wore on your teeth in Jr. High. This is a monthly payment schedule for a pre-determined amount of work to be spread out over a specified amount of time. Kind of like credit except we’re not a bank. Most retainers are for one year and are renewable. This is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a freelance or “in-house” illustrator or designer to fulfill all of their marketing and design needs.

3) Hourly Pricing – $85/hour

First, we are not a design chop-shop. We guarantee high-end professional-grade illustration and design work. We work smarter and faster so our final costs are comparable to those who charge less but take longer to complete a project. This option is the most common choice for one-time or special-need projects and can fit within any budget. All projects start with a free estimate. Final invoices are based on actual hours worked. All terms and conditions apply.

Method to the madness.

We have always said that graphic design is an investment in value. By adding value to your business communications we are really building your brand one project at a time. In the end, that branding creates new customers and/or employees who buy-in to your culture and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Our pricing structure is based on adding value. When we estimate a project, we look at several key factors:

  1. Who you are. What should your message be?
  2. Your competition. Direct or indirect?
  3. Demographics. Men/Women, Age, Income, Location, Lifestyle.
  4. The Project Itself. What do you want people to do?
  5. Are there complimentary projects? Website. Print. Outdoor. Media.
  6. Deadlines. Best and worst case scenario.
  7. Budgets. Supplying a budget does not change our pricing formula. It is a quick and easy way to determine if we’re a compatible design firm to help you with your projects. If not, we are happy to suggest other businesses that we respect.
  8. Potential. Setting a goal for return on investment.

Once the project has been defined, we will provide an official estimate with an overview of the work to be completed and the terms of our agreement. Upon approval of the terms and a small down payment, we commence to building the strategy that will add the most value to your brand.