Doodl specializes in all things creative. As a full-service studio, we work with clients all over the country on a range of creative tasks. From start-up logo design and website design to illustration and full-blown brand-marketing campaigns.


2014-Kevin-L-PiazzaHi, I’m Kevin Piazza, the chief cook and bottle washer behind Doodl Graphic Design & Illustration Studio. This story began when I was young.

In fifth grade, I won a billboard contest for the American Lung Association. Since that time, my sights have been set on art and design as a career.

I attended Western Montana College, now called the University of Montana Western, where I learned traditional advertising and design techniques. But in a rapidly changing field, I realized that I needed to further my skills with technology.

I transferred to the Art Institute of Seattle and was hired by a local agency before I graduated. As I learned, and still hold to today, no schooling can ever substitute for real-life work.

As my skill and my portfolio grew, I found myself in Boise, Idaho where I worked for the oldest advertising agency in that state. There I learned the difference between advertising and design and decided that art and design were where I’d hang my hat, and I moved back to my old stomping grounds in Missoula, Montana.

After earning a 2-year degree in Bible School, my brother and I brainstormed an idea and committed to building a design firm. It was called Crevin Design. After almost a decade of owning and operating the business together, my brother decided to move on to greener pastures, leaving me to run the design business by myself. The only problem was the name—Crevin was the combination of both of our names, Craig + Kevin. So, in 2016, in an attempt to make the business my own, the name changed to Doodl,  which really is the most basic word to describe an Illustration & Graphic Design Studio.

Even though the name did change, the expertise and drive to create better client relationships and better graphic design remained. In fact, it has increased. Some of the systems and processes improved and we are continuing to make them better.

Award Winning Design

Graphic design is not just a matter of appearance—it’s a matter of identity. We strive to make your business separate from the competition. Doodl has helped hundreds of people and businesses build a brand that not only looks good but also creates the necessary buy-in from employees and customers.

In doing better work for great companies, even our peers have endorsed us by voting for our stuff in design award competitions. Here is a short list of notable awards that we have won in the past.

Rain City Fish – Summit Creative Award – Brand Identity

Gateway Community Credit Union – Summit Creative Award – Television

Boulder Creek Packs – Graphic Design USA Award – Corporate Brochure

Kiss-N-Release – Design Peers Award – Brand Identity

Coffaro’s Bakery – Graphic Design USA Award – Brand Identity

Montana Folk Festival – TMT-Media Awards – Nomination