Project Background: This was a concept for the National Affordable Housing Network in Butte, Montana. Originally they asked us to build a website for them because they were getting a grant to build it. After a little research and sketching, we came up with a whole new brand. We modified their logo for legibility and impact. Then we designed their website with the end user in mind—they need clearer information and easy contact points. At this point, National Affordable Housing Network went silent. It turns out that they didn’t get their grant. So in the end, they got a website design, but no website. They got a new logo but didn’t want to implement it with their old style. We offered to finish the project but it never happened. In the end, this is still a great example of our work and what we can do for other businesses.

In the words of National Affordable Housing Network:

The Network assists households in need to reach the dream of homeownership through education and construction of high-performance homes, particularly by self-help family teams. The Network conducts demonstration projects and programs to assist its home area of Southwest Montana while providing technical assistance and educational house plans illustrating methods currently in use.