Project Background

Grace Chapel is a Christian church in Boise, Idaho that we built a brand for in 2004. They were experiencing growing pains and ended up purchasing a new building. In an effort to cast a vision and a roadmap for the church, they came to us for help with their identity. They wanted their new building to be special. So, the logo had to work on street signs, building signs, wall signs and on standard informational items like brochures, flyers, and their website.

Success Metrics

The only metric that really matters is that people are being taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Beyond that, the community responded and the church has continued to grow and thrive for several years.

What We Would Have Done Differently

The leadership of the church played an important part in the creation of the identity. While their input was valuable and the process was smooth, we always want to do more. We want to push the boundaries on our projects. We probably didn’t push those boundaries enough on this project, but it still turned out great.

Work Produced: Grace Chapel logo, outdoor street sign, outdoor building sign, website design.