Project Background

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort website was part of a larger branding campaign. In 2011 Fairmont not only hired Doodl to rejuvenate their brand, they also remodeled much of the resort, inside and out.

With so much history from a resort that has been using the same logo and design for more than 20 years, it was important to not completely stray from what people recognize. But it is also important to bring new life and excitement back to the resort through a brand rejuvenation process. The obvious starting point was the logo.

While the designer of the original logo is unknown, our best guess was that the old logo focused largely on the structure of the buildings. We wanted to keep the distinctive pyramid shape that is very prominent throughout the property. But we also wanted to take advantage of the history of the resort by making it feel like an old Montana cattle brand. The lazy F also carries the implication of mountains which is an obvious Montana icon. The addition of the blue waves and the blue sky reinforce the hot spring experience, and the gradient of white to blue in the sky implies steam. Quite a bit of meaning from one logo mark, but this is what we love to do.

Here is a look at the original logo and part of the creative process that helped us arrive at the new logo:

Fairmont Hot Springs Original Logo Sketches

The new logo was then added to several promotional pieces, including stationery, outdoor signs and billboards, an email marketing template and this completely new website.

Success Metrics

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort website has played an important role in the overall branding of the resort. Sure new carpet and paint are nice. But the new website and marketing materials really gives the resort fresh life and a new standard of quality.

What We Would Have Done Differently

There are always moments in every project where we wish there were unlimited budget and time. There are plenty of thoughts that cross our minds after all-is-said-and-done. This is the life of an artist. It’s easy to say “I wish we had tried a few other typography styles.” Or “I wish we had explored the size relationship between the mark and typography.” But alas, it is what it is, and that seems to be working great.

Work Produced: Logo Design, Website Design, Stationery, Outdoor Billboards and Signs and an Email Marketing Template.