Project Background

As we rolled into the third year of targeting millennials, the Credit Union campaign was paying off in a big way. Even the traditional campaigns were starting to attract the younger crowd that moved to Montana for the cowboy culture. In a round-a-bout way, we came full circle and brought two completely different demographics into the same arena. The older folks were loving the youthful, hip angle of the new credit union campaign. The younger crowd was relating to the more traditional advertising style. We found that fine line between art and design.

TV Commercial: Roots

Gateway Community Credit Union campaign targeted at 40+ blue-collar workers. Included this :30 TV spot called Roots. We hired a Sam Elliot sound-alike to do the voiceover. Sounds like Montana.


Success Metrics

The success of the 2014 Gateway Community Credit Union campaign is summed up in the Return on Investment. Like every other year before, the increase in holdings speaks for itself. What more can we say about that?

Credit Union Campaign: Hey

Gateway Community Credit Union Branding :30 TV Spot targeted at Millennials. This one is called Hey.

What You Would Have Done Differently

There are always parts of every ad campaign that you look back on and go, “what were we thinking?” Most of the time those thoughts are pretty minor complaints. The general public rarely sees what we see. And so we’ll leave it at that. With the overwhelming success of the Gateway Community ad campaigns over the years, we’re not going to complain.

Work Produced

Television commercials, radio commercials, website design, poster calendar design, brochure design, outdoor billboard, print advertising, web advertising.