Project Background:

When hired to build the Children’s Dentistry of the Rockies website we evaluated their web presence. But we didn’t stop there. We also evaluated their overall marketing position. That research revealed a simple solution to a better presence. First, we created a more focused secondary brand mark that combines the logo with their brand position. The result was their mascot leaning on the word “smile.” Next, we produced a new responsive website that is dynamic and easy to maintain. Finally, by including some simple animations and testimonials, we were able to reflect the fun atmosphere. With so many great testimonials it was important to help get the word out. In the end, we created a logo, a website, a brochure and some trade show booth graphics that reflect the overall identity.

Success Metrics:

The website is producing great results along with the launch of the new logo. With only a year of use and the other marketing measures that were taken, the office is busy and happy with the results.

What We Would Have Done Differently:

Again, not much. We’re very happy and the client is happy with the results. As stated before, the only thing that would make this more satisfying is if the secondary logo mark were to be adopted as the primary mark. It has the presence of a great logo brand and could definitely be used on a larger scale.

Work Produced:

Secondary Logo Mark Design, Website Design & Development, Print Advertising, Trade Show Graphics, Brochure Design.