Project Background

Boulder Creek Packs is an independent wildland fire pack manufacturer who came to us for a custom brochure design. Working out of their home, the owner bit the bullet and decided to invest in some marketing materials. We decided to produce a high-end corporate brochure that could be mailed to all the US Forest Service firefighting offices and some large franchise hunting and fishing outlets. The brochure design was to be backed by a website that could track the success of the mailing. Knowing the demographic we chose a unique design. We selected a paper that feels like canvas. The owner shows her handiwork by hand-stitching the binding. The end result is amazing. When you hold this piece it grabs your attention and is unforgettable.


Awards & Honors

This project earned us an American Graphic Design Award and was featured in Graphic Design USA in the brochure design category.

Work Produced: High-end corporate brochure, envelope and website design and development.