Complete book design including cover and internal pages for Heartlines. We also wrote the title for this book. It had a working title but didn’t seem to capture the heart of the book. So we made a few suggestions and this is what resulted. This book highlights several Salish Indian women’s stories. It includes a couple maps for reference and some minor editing.

an excerpt from the Foreword:

The lives of the women you are about to read of were shaped by particular events and situations. each of them was a daughter, wife, and mother. All four faced a world that was rapidly changing. This shifting life often brought great loss and suffering. They shared sorrows common to all women, but also unique to Salish women during the twentieth century. every woman confronted the alteration of her community with thoughts and beliefs speci c to her.

These small windows into four lives show the action and agency of women—Salish women. Their stories are important to know. They will help shape our understanding of being fully human. The measure of their lives is impossible to quantify. Their stories will continue to shape and in uence their families and community into the future.