Project Background:

Doodl won the right to work on The Bitterroot Valley Montana logo design after being selected by the local Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) committee. We were also hired for our copywriting services to create a new tagline. Overall, this was a difficult but rewarding experience. As the committee changed seats a couple times, we were still able to maintain focus and arrive at our final goal—a new Bitterroot Valley Montana logo design and tagline.

The Bitterroot Valley is best known for its majestic mountains and the Bitterroot River. That was the easy part. The hard part was how to educate people about the other aspects of this region. We settled on an idea that incorporated other Western Montana seasonal activities. Hunting, fishing, skiing and cycling became variations of the main logo design. Each to be used in connection with its season. If they wanted to run an ad in a fishing magazine, they would use the fishing logo, etc.

In writing a tagline, first, we came up with a concept that reinforced the geography and seasonal icons used in the logo. Next, we also captured the reason most people live there. From Conner to Lolo are a series of ten small but active communities. The final concept wrote itself—Small towns. Big adventures.

Success Metrics:

The success of the Bitterroot Valley Montana logo design is yet to be determined. Unfortunately, we were only hired to create the logo and tagline and were not involved with the branding and implementation. Needless to say, the success of the logo will only be as good as its branding.

What You Would Have Done Differently:

There is always a fine line to walk when doing commissioned artwork. We need to produce a piece that achieves its goal, but also one that the client is happy with. While the end result was a decent logo, we feel it could have been better. Often when there are too many people involved in the process, you end up with a hodgepodge of ideas and desires. We did the best we could in the situation, but will always wonder how much better it could have been.

Work Produced:

Bitterroot Valley Montana logo design, tagline, and logo usage guidelines.