Project Background

Gateway Community Credit Union wanted us to produce a television spot to introduce their new mobile banking app. Little did we know it would be award-winning creative. The budget was pretty low for the overall concept. So we had to improvise and make it feel intentional. Again, bridging the gap between good design and functionality. But we all know an ugly design suggests an ugly product. So we did what we could and it worked.

During the year there was also a push to get involved in Grizzly Athletics at the University of Montana. So we did a creative radio and print ad campaign.

Award Winning Creative

Success Metrics

The success of the 2011 award winning creative campaign is summed up in the Return on Investment. Like every other year, the increase in holdings speaks for itself. What more can we say about that? As far as the creative goes, we submitted the concept for a national award. The judges liked it and awarded us a Summit Creative Award. So, not only was it successful on a practical level, but also on a national peer to peer level.

Griz Athletics Campaign: UofM Griz Football and Basketball

What We Would Have Done Differently

With the overwhelming success of the award-winning creative campaign, we’re not going to complain. We do wish there was a budget for some computer generated graphics and video production. But overall, the production turned out great for what it was.

Work Produced

Television commercials, radio commercials, poster calendar design, check stuffer design, outdoor billboard, print advertising, web advertising.