Project Background:

The ongoing work with the Montana Folk Festival has opened the door for several folk festival poster designs. This one was an old-fashioned tabloid feel with some vibrant color splashes. All was contained within the overall festival brand and motif. That means lots of greens and browns. Other projects that fed off of the theme where the brochure, website, program, schedule and miscellaneous signs.

Success Metrics: 

The Montana Folk Festival is one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the Northwest. The festival draws around 150,000 people over the three-day event each year. The economic impact is estimated at over $30 million per year.

What You Would Have Done Differently:

As an Arts Festival, we always wish we had explored more of an Arts angle on the festival branding. The music is a huge part of the festival and the photos of the music work great. But we’ll always wonder what could have happened with more of an illustrative, fine art touch. We continue to fine tune our work year by year and have introduced some artistry in more recent years.

Work Produced:

Website Design & Development, Poster Design, Brochure Design, Program Guide, Pocket Schedule, Outdoor Billboard, Event Signs & Banners.