Project Background

In 2013 we created a traditional and millennial television ad campaign and billboard for Gateway Community Credit Union. The TV spots were fresh and full of life. The billboard reflected the television campaign.

Success Metrics

The success of the 2013 Gateway Community Credit Union corporate brochure is summed up in the Return on Investment. Every year that we did work for them, they increased their holdings. There’s nothing more we can say about that.

Ad campaign: Money Money

What You Would Have Done Differently

There are always parts of every campaign that you look back on and go, “what were we thinking?” Most of the time those thoughts are pretty minor complaints. The general public rarely sees what we see. And so we’ll leave it at that. With the overwhelming success of the Gateway Community Credit Union design projects over the years, we’re not going to complain.

Television commercial: Come Down

Work Produced

Television commercials, radio commercials, website design, poster calendar design, brochure design, outdoor billboard, print advertising, web advertising.