Project Background

In the dawning of a new age, the 2010 Gateway Community Credit Union bank campaign is morphing into something beautiful. No more strictly bank shots. No more fast-talking salesman. We have been given creative license to build a bank campaign around a distinctly Montana brand. As one of the oldest credit unions in Missoula, it was hard to break away from the stodgy, stiff-necked appeal of the banking industry. We found a better way. Focusing on the truth behind banking we created a sturdy framework on which to build. Using humor and the emotion that money creates, we reinvented what people expect from a financial institution.

Success Metrics

The success of the 2010 Gateway Community Credit Union bank campaign is summed up in the Return on Investment. As you’ll see, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Building a brand that was meaningful and consistent did wonders for the bottom line. What more can we say about that?

What We Would Have Done Differently

There are always parts of every ad campaign that you look back on and go, “what were we thinking?” Most of the time those thoughts are pretty minor complaints. The general public rarely sees what we see. I think I would have liked to direct the actors a little better in the Olympic spot, but they did a great job. And so we’ll leave it at that. With the overwhelming success of the Gateway Community bank campaigns over the years, I don’t think we have room to complain.

Work Produced: Television commercials, radio commercials, website design, poster calendar design, brochure design, outdoor billboard, print advertising, web advertising.


This spot had an emphasis on general bank security. Especially online banking security.


Winter Olympics

With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there was quite a buzz in our neighborhood. We capitalized on that with a custom television commercial that ran for the duration of the event.