Every idea begins with Doodl.

What’s the first thing we do when we have an idea—doodle. We gather our thoughts and put them on paper. We express an idea with line, direction, pattern, halftone and color. Once the idea is made visual, the vision start to take shape. And yet, while everyone is creative, not everyone is artistic. Not everyone can create beautiful art and graphic design. Not everyone understands color theory or the golden rectangle. That’s where Doodl comes in. We are an art and graphic design agency.

This is what we do.

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The Living Room Furniture Logo Design
The Living Room Furniture Logo DesignThe Living Room Furniture Logo Design
The Living Room Furniture Logo Design Project Background: The Living Room Furniture hired Doodl to build a new brand for their stores in both Missoula and Kalispell. We started by simplifying the basic idea of the Furniture logo. We...
Theopolis Institute Branding
Theopolis Institute BrandingTheopolis Institute Branding
Theopolis Institute had us build their Brand through Logo Design, Stationery Design, Website Design, Website Development and Email Marketing Template Design. As stated on their website—the thinking behind the new logo design: Our elegant...
Redefined Art & Identity
Redefined Art & IdentityRedefined Art & Identity
Project Background: HeartLines Director, Julie Cajune, has hired us to work on several projects over the years. We particularly enjoy working on projects that apply to our field. The DVD package design for an educational documentary called Redefined: American...
Valley Physical Therapy Advertising & Design
Valley Physical Therapy Advertising & DesignValley Physical Therapy Advertising
Valley Physical Therapy Advertising & Design Campaign Project Background: The Valley Physical Therapy Brand was rebuilt from the ground up. After using clip art for several years, Valley PT dove-in and invested in their brand....
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Branding
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort BrandingFairmont Hot Springs Resort Branding
Website: FairmontMontana.com Project Background: The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort branding campaign was one piece of a much larger project. In 2011 Fairmont not only hired Doodl (formerly Crevin) to rejuvenate their brand, they also remodeled much of the...
Bear Paw Designs Fine Western Furniture Branding
Bear Paw Designs Fine Western Furniture BrandingBear Paw Designs Fine Western Furniture
Project Background: Mike Roths is a fellow artist and an extraordinary woodworking craftsman. Bear Paw Designs is the avenue through which his creations come to life. Mike called us when he wanted to build his...


A graphic design agency with experience.

Whether you’re creating a single project or growing a business, the voice of your brand must project loud and clear. As a graphic design agency, we are an objective partner willing to push the boundaries, generate curiosity and solve communication problems through better art and design. We’ll help you define your brand in both what you say and what you do. That, in turn, increases the value of your business. It increases customer loyalty. It ultimately increases profit. So forget the usual design clichés and hire a passionate, honest and hard-working art and design agency.


Doodl Graphic Design Agency Art Illustration by KL Piazza Rainbow Moth

Drawing the line between art+design.

Recently we have expanded into the world of book illustration and fine art. While art and graphic design differ in many ways, they both require a high degree of creativity. We make our living by pushing creative thoughts and sticking to our core values, seeking partnerships with like-minded people and organizations. When these partnerships happens, a new level of excellence is achieved.

Let’s start your project right. Give us a call or email to learn more. Or connect with us on FacebookPinterest, or Redbubble.